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Current Draft Selections

the Georgia draft beers we offer are deemed by our sommelier/cicerone to be most true to style 

Czechvar (Czech Republic) 

premium import pilsner lager: this is original Budweiser and we are fortunate to have it right here in Pine Mountain, with its beautiful gold color, grassy maltiness with a touch of DMS and spicy, herbal old world hops.  Nothing will ever top this beer that spawned imitations from every country in the world.

Jeckyl Moon People Wheat (Atlanta) 

smooth, refreshing american wheat for those who are used to thirst-quenching American lagers. This one is an easy quaff without the clove and banana flavors of the German hefeweizens that we offer every summer.

Goose Island IPA (Chicago) 

This is a classic representation of the original American pacific northwest style India Pale Ale that dominated the microbrew revolution in the 80s-90s.  Still our favorite IPA type with tangy bitterness, piney-grapefruit hops and a clean profile.

more to follow shortly...

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